Update regarding COVID restrictions

To Forrest MTB Club members and local riders,

As you are all aware, there are a lot of rules coming into place regarding COVID regulations and vaccination status.

The club site is on DEWLP land and the club itself is affiliated with AusCycling. As such, both organisations, as well as the Victorian Government, have communicated to the club the guidelines which the club must follow going forward.

We are now communicating some of the changes which may or may not affect you.

From now on, for the foreseeable future:

- The club site will only be opened for access with a Forrest MTB Club committee member present.
- Fully-vaccinated members and fully-vaccinated non-members will be allowed to come on-site with a committee member present.
- Only fully-vaccinated persons will be able to volunteer at club events out in public spaces such as Feral Fridays or maintenance days.
- If you would like to become a member so that you can contribute, please sign up with AusCycling and nominate Forrest as your club.

We regret that this means that social gatherings at the club site which have historically taken place before or after a ride (for example, Brew Crew) may not be able to take place unless all attending can provide their vaccination status as fully vaccinated.

If a group of riders wishes to access the club facilities, please chat to a committee member as one will need to be present. All people in a group requesting access to the club facilities will need to be fully vaccinated and show their vaccination certificate to the attending club committee member.

While the actual risk of spreading COVID during a social ride may be very low, unfortunately the fines for the club and club officials for COVID breaches are not. The club could receive a significant fine for breaches, as well as committee members being fined also.

The food businesses in town will be complying with the requirement to only take fully vaccinated customers. Under the current regulations, you are able to gather at a public facility such as a public bbq or rotunda regardless of vaccination status as a social gathering, and that is what we suggest as a way forwards for unofficial social rides like Brew Crew. (As of 29 Oct that limit will be 30 people outdoors, currently it is 20.)

Please note: As Brew Crew is not a formal club event, it is totally up to those attending to determine how they wish to ride and meet.

We hope you can still find lots of ways to get outside and enjoy riding your bike with your mates!