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There’s so much information about our trails online these days – below you’ll find some resources so help you plan your next ride.

Trail Information Websites


Trailforks is a great trail resource which can be downloaded as an app on most smart phones. You can use it to find trail information, or record your rides. The Forrest trails are on Trailforks and contain heaps of great information including trail status updates.

Ride Forrest: I AM OTWAYS

The I AM OTWAYS initiative contains some more trail information which is separated into the Southern and Yaugher Trail heads.


The Forrest Town Loop is a dual use trail for walkers and cyclists of all abilities. It has long flowing corners that descend to the West Barwon valley and then climbs back to Forrest where it joins the Forrest Heritage Trail. See Trailforks info.

The local indigenous word for Platypus is Baridjaru, (bar-id-ja-ru). This trail links Forrest to Lake Elizabeth and climbs most of the way to the Lake Elizabeth carpark. The climb is quite gradual and easy. Instead of going to Lake Elizabeth, you can turn off into Red Carpet, an awesome trail with the teeniest bit of climbing. See Trailforks info.

The Red Carpet is a single track return trail from Lake Elizabeth. This trail flows through tall Eucalypt forests featuring fun, challenging descents and tight technical climbs for an exciting return option to Forrest. There are not many uphills, and are quite small. See Trailforks info.

Connecting to the main Forrest Mountain Bike Trails trailhead, Roller Coaster takes you on a wide, smooth and free flowing trail. With no obstacles it is ideal for beginners or a quick warm up lap before heading out on a more extended ride. This is an easy XC track where it rides mellow up and down. Great for introducing people to to XC. See Trailforks info.

Third Time Lucky has plenty of trail features including bermed corners and jumps. This is an excellent trail to learn the different skills needed for mountain biking while enjoying the thrilling sensation of riding through the bush. A fun trail with not much climbing. Lots of easy fun obstacles and berms to keep the flow going. See Trailforks info.

A great XC-trail trail that winds its way through tall open eucalypt forest and dense fern gullies, up and down Forrest National Park for 5.5kms. This trail offers extended riding with numerous technical features and is a great ride. An all-mountain bike would love this trail as well. It descends then climbs then descends then climbs and so on. See Trailforks info.

Trail 7 Yaugher Super Loop

The Yaugher Super Loop is the longest trail in Forrest at 11.5km and it provides access to the entire Yaugher trail network. It is a mixture of single track and fire trails with a full range of trail features all with A and B lines. The trail handles wet weather well and dishes up a ride that summarises what is awesome about the Forrest MTB experience. On the super loop your elevation will only change by about 60 there are not a lot of climbs. The start is pretty easy ....but don’t be’ll get a great workout as the run is fast and there are plenty of obstacles!! See Trailforks info.

Trail 8 Grass Tress

Grass Trees packs enough technical features and variety to challenge all riders in 1.8km. Extensive trail features include log rides, rollovers, step ups, drop offs, big 4X berms and jumps. See Trailforks info.

Trail 9 Marriners

With long climbs and fast flowing descents, this trail will test your limits. The middle section has enough technical features to pack a punch for most experienced riders. Even downhill/gravity inspired riders can appreciate this trail. A must ride! See Trailforks info.

Trail 10 Foxtail

Long fast straights and open corners provide a fun flowing ride with well spaced technical features. This trail takes you from the Yaugher trailhead to Tabletop and on to join the Yaugher Super Loop. Similar to J2, this trail rides the opposite way. A fun trail for all skill levels alike. See Trailforks info.

Trail 11 Foxtail

A fun track with mellow climbing and fun obstacles along the way. This is a long flowing descent trail from the Yaugher trailhead. This trail has plenty of features along the way and joins the Yaugher Super Loop for a quick lap. A great track to start with at Yaugher, as it links up to other trails. See Trailforks info.

Trail 12 Yo Yo

A tight and technical trail that, as the name suggests, goes up and down to test your legs, lungs and skills. See Trailsforks info.

Trail 13 Casper Black (1)

Twisting technical climbs and descents with walls of tea tree characterise this tough and challenging trail. See Trailforks info.

Trail 14 Vista (1)

The Barwon River takes its name from the local indigenous word Barre Warre (Bar-rah War-rah) meaning from hills to sea. This high vantage point looks down on the Barwon River valley taking in the view back over the Forrest Township. A good warm up or warm down ride. Good fun ride, especially for taking the kids along. See Trailforks info.

Trail 15 Vista

This long flowing trail has some great fire trail descents and climbs with rewarding valley views. The southern loop has some tough technical climbing thrown in for good measure. See Trailforks info.

Trail 16 Tiger Loop

This long flowing trail has some great fire trail descents and climbs with rewarding valley views. The southern loop has some tough technical climbing thrown in for good measure.

Provides a link from the Forrest-Birregurra Tiger Rail Trail to the Yaugher Trails network. See Trailforks info.