Trails Open – But More To Be Done


- The trail head works are yet to be fully completed, temporary measures have been taken to ensure safe access for parking and to the pump tracks and the skills park. There is a new shelter and landscaping is being undertaken around the pump track.


- It's important to note that with new trail works it will take some time for the surfaces and riding lines to settle and bed in.

- Please ride through the trails once or twice to get the lay of them before trying for your best ever STRAVA run.


- The permanent signage is yet to be completed, so in the interim there will be temporary signage in place.

- Please also take the time to understand which direction trails are to be ridden. It’s quite important as they are single direction in most cases, and may have even changed direction since you last rode here.

- Existing trails may be renumbered to incorporate the new trails before maps are finalised.


Final versions of the maps are being developed and awaiting some final trail names and some final wording of some sections. In the interim, the following map can be used to navigate your way around the Southern network. Note the trail directions! The previous map is still accurate for Yaugher but this can cause confusion if you refer to trail numbers as there is currently duplication between the two trailheads.

Temporary Trail Map Souhern Trails