Change our Game - MTB Skills for Women

The Forrest MTB & Cycling Club are excited to annouce a series of events for women interested in mountain biking!

These events have been funded by the Change our Game initiative of the Victorian State Government.

The funding will subsidise skills sessions and bike hire. The sessions will be conducted by a local female instructor and the events will be free for participants. Join the mailing list to receive the first opportunity to join events before they are advertised more widely.

 What's on offer?

  • Free skills sessions for beginner and intermediate riders
  • Free bike hire (if required)
  • Free light hire (if required - night rides only)
  • Free social ridesWomens MTB Skills

What's the aim of the events?

The club would love to see more women riding bikes, especially those local to our area. We would love to ignite a love for riding bikes, help women find riding buddies to encourage them to keep riding, and help women become more confident riders.

Trying a new sport can be daunting and expensive buying equipment before you've even had a go! By providing skills sessions and free bike hire, we can help women to give it a go while reducing some of the barriers that might have stopped them in the past.

The club would love to see more women join our mountain bike club!

How many events can I attend?

You can attend as many of the social rides as you like, as long as they are suited to your riding ability. The night rides will be limited to the number of hire lights available on a particular night, however if you have your own lights then you can attend any night ride you want.

With the skills sessions, it's possible to attend more than one session, particurly if they are different types/levels of sessions, however priority to claim a ticket will be given to women who have not already had a free session.

What do I need to attend a session?


  • Clothing suitable for the weather and for doing exercise. Wide legged pants may get caught up in the chain. You may also get muddy or greasy if your clothing comes in contact with the chain.
  • Sneakers or riding shoes if you have them
  • A light rain jacket - it's Forrest after all!
  • Snacks
  • Water bottle that fits a standard drink bottle holder, or even better, a hydration pack
  • Your mountain bike in good working order (tyres pumped, brakes working, gearing changing, suspension working, right size for you) - or a free hire bike
  • Helmet in good condition - Australian standards sticker showing inside - or a hire helmet
  • You will need to sign a waiver

Non-essential but nice to have

  • Gloves for riding
  • Padded shorts/knicks
  • Any body armour you like to wear such as knee and elbow pads
  • Ambulance Cover
  • AusCycling membership

Who is Explore MTB?

Explore MTB is the skills instructing venture of local rider Michelle Davidson. Michelle is qualified with PMBIA Level 1, AusCycling Development Instructor, and First Aid. She has been part of the club for the last five years. She loves helping women learn mtb skills and grow in confidence on the trails and is looking forward to running these sessions!

Who can sign up for these events?

The events are for women who:

  • Are aged 18+
  • Live within 45km of Forrest.
  • Can ride a bike on a footpath or road.

How do I sign up for an event?

Please join the mailing list for the Change Our Game MTB Skills for Women.

This mailing list will receive upcoming event information with further information on applying for events as they are announced.

Please also follow the club facebook page for updates!